Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Salvatore and Lili Katan - August 18, 1981

Being Separated from Sister

LK: You know what my husband said about the Wehrmacht, some of us have seen them. We were friend with them at that time ??? and I don't know why I opened my mouth to my sister--something I said, "Sister," okay? And I just told them I hope we stay together and one of the SS woman here, she came there and she knocked me down and she kicked me and she said, "You never will see anymore your sister because you will go on this end of the boxcar and you sister goes on the other." ??? and we have will put in one camp and the other in other camp. "You need I should shoot?" and I said, "No, I'll never see my sister again." I went in the boxcar ??? have nobody. I mean, her parents went to ??? and I ??? and I never see my sister and she said, "I wish I could help you but I don't have nobody read to me which boxcar--which camp I will go. I wish I could ???" Unless I'm mistaken, one of the Wehrmacht stopped at the station ??? and ??? my sister in other end of the camp--in the boxcar and I just don't believe anymore because I tell nobody I just have one sister. ??? I never will forget him. I wish I could ??? do you know anybody here that don't have nobody that wouldn't make a difference which camp you are in? And I didn't know it then, you know, because who, who could know, who could ??? who could ??? stand up and say, "??? I am gladly to go in the other boxcar..."

SK: But she didn't want to say but...

LK: "...if you could do something..."

SK: ...she went voluntarily.

LK: She offered voluntarily but here I say that maybe I make it worse because if we would find out what's going on, maybe they will kill my sister, you know? So but I said--like I said, it wasn't--it didn't make a difference but the Wehrmacht ??? by the next stop--when the stop--when the boxcar then stopped, I try my best that I could sneak that girl under the boxcar to the other end.

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