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Salvatore and Lili Katan - August 18, 1981


My name is Salvatore Katan and I come from Salonika.

Mrs. Katan?

LK: Yeah. My name is Lili Katan and I come from Hungary. I was born in Czechoslovakia but I lived in Hungary most of my life.

And the name of the town?

LK: Our name of the town--I don't--I was born was Munkacs.

And, and where you lived?

LK: And I lived actually in ???.


LK: A part of my life--a part I lived in Budapest but most I lived in ???

Um, why don't we do the--whoever would like to go, would you like to go first? Does it matter which way? Why don't you um, tell me a little bit or whatever you want about your life in Salonika, before the war?

SK: Before the war my life in Salonika was very good. I was work--I was going to school and after school--I was done with the school I went to work for a engineer to build highways--the office. I was like a clerk over there. After there I worked in uh, the rest help--mechanical helper for the company where I was working. ??? was uh, the company. And after that I went in the army. After--when the Germans occu...occupied Greece, we throwed the rifles down and we were off in the army. And then the Germans they come and they started pick up the Jews to transport in Germany, in Poland. Afterwards I was in Poland. I was in Poland from 194...in the end of 1942 to 1945.

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