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Salvatore and Lili Katan - August 18, 1981

Sharing Story with their Children

How old were they? About how old were your children when you told them?

LK: About fourteen, fifteen.

SK: ???

LK: I mean, once in a while I'm sure they hear something, you know, when we were talking maybe they were standing and listening, you know? I mean, I had a feeling, a feeling but--in fact, let me tell you something ??? moved to America ??? when we went to Italy ??? a synagogue ??? moved there a month ago. He was working here with American ???...

SK: ???

LK: ...he was offered a job there ??? but anyways, and he wanted to come to synagogue ??? first time ??? a really international family and he was very impressed because I think the ??? don't have too many Jewish people...

SK: ???

LK: I mean not too many ??? okay? And he said, ??? Shabbos and ??? and he knew I was Jewish but he didn't know about my parents past and when I told him ??? and I broke down crying and he said, "Don't believe it. Don't, don't be ashamed of it. If my parents ??? I would cry too, you know?" That was the first time I hear from him advice. ??? put ??? two beautiful--my children and every time I go to see something about the Holocaust ???

SK: ???

LK: ??? because I am not big tele...TV watcher but once I ??? and find it out and it was actually discussion about it but they didn't want to let me to watch it because we knew the reaction once I watched it and once I saw it. Since that I didn't go watch it anymore.

Did you watch the movie after that?

LK: I did, yeah.

With the children?

SK: Oh yeah.

LK: Oh yeah ???

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