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Salvatore and Lili Katan - August 18, 1981

Sailing to America II

SK: So sure enough, my wife was in the hospital with the babies and ??? they come ??? movie stars. They hear they have a twins, twin boys in hospital on the ship and ??? the movie star and he talked in perfect English ??? speak English and Italian. I say, "I speak Italian" so, it was interpret to me...

LK: You have to forgive me but ??? and I dropped the cake...

SK: Yeah.

LK: ...and I messed it up, I'm sorry.

SK: So, there come the movie star to look over the kids. They were cute. They look like girls because of their curly hair. If you would like I could ???...

[interruption in interview]

SK: ...he's going to have a good house, he's going to have everything beautiful and ??? Italian and I said to the ??? I said ??? "We don't send our kids away. They are our kids and we keep them." Says, "Oh, they're going to have a good life in Italy because, you know, ??? movie stars, like Hollywood." I say, "Well, whatever it is, ??? kids ??? the kids."

[interruption in interview]

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