Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Salvatore and Lili Katan - August 18, 1981

Punishment in Camp

LK: This ??? and she put me out naked all night long. In the camp she tried to ??? me. She survived. She came back in the morning and ??? took me back in and she said, "You know that ??? Jewish girl ??? half an hour ???" She said that. ??? I mean, I don't know if everyone went. I cannot tell you but I know ??? even for the Wehrmacht, Wehrmacht, Wehrmacht but they had a little bit of SS ??? had a little ??? not that they didn't kick you when they could or they didn't give you one in the head when they could but like when ??? sorting potatoes in a garbage can, I think maybe they...

SK: The peels...

LK: Yeah, you know?

SK: ???

LK: And maybe he started it but he ??? picked up a little bit ??? but some of them when they started they punished us. We were punished ??? and that was our ???. When he looked at you, okay, and you didn't look at him how he wanted, he slapped you in your face that your blood was running all over. He was an animal. I wish I would remember his name but ??? tall guy with a mustache and hair ???

SK: Yeah, boots.

LK: ...and these boots. And if he kicked you a few times, I tell you something, and if you get up...

SK: Because you were all skin and bones.

LK: ...you were lucky. I mean, I was ??? when I came home.

SK: As a matter of fact, once they took me and five guys we went to eat at a house--a German house and they give us all spaghetti to eat and we were looking for ??? and we tried slowly, slowly to ??? we weren't able to pick up the spaghetti from the ??? and we were starving.

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