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Salvatore and Lili Katan - August 18, 1981

Brother and Sister-in-law's Experience

You had a uh, you sister-in-law just died...

SK: She just died, yeah, she was ???

Do you know anything about her experience?

SK: ??? make experiments on her ???. She had uh, black face, black face ??? so she went to Israel, she went to Paris and doctors maybe they can do something because ??? told her in Israel some doctor, they could do something and she went there.

Was she involved in the resistance in Auschwitz?

SK: She was there in the camp in Auschwitz.

Was she in the resistance movement to blow up the Krematorium?

SK: No, no, no she wasn't, she wasn't.

Uh, let's see. Was her husband also in there?

SK: No, my brother, my brother was in the monks.

Oh, this was the--I see, I see.

SK: My brother runaway to the mountains. And my brother comes to me, says, "Why don't you come with me?" I say, "Where, up to the mountains? You want to leave mom and dad, everybody alone?" ??? They go off and they left my brother and my sister, my mother and my father.

How did your parents feel about him going off?

SK: The, the parents say they want to be together with the children and that means they have to die, that's all.

When did he go? Maybe I can talk to him. When did he go?

SK: Who?

Your brother. When did he...

SK: To the mountains?

Yeah. Right away?

SK: Right--no. Right when the Germans they occupied--they put--they tried to close up the section--the area where we live and my brother ??? you know, the part of ??? My brother ??? run away and he had a Greek papers like Gentile and he was going to work with the guerillas ??? and uh, then when they find out we were occupied and my brother--he was home, he took off ???. The next day was a Greek Gentile in my house. Early in the morning he knocked on the door ??? supposed to go away because look at the block already, the Germans. ??? move away. Then a day after comes another guy ??? and says, "You know, your son," he told my father, "Your son is okay. He's up in the mountains." Says, "But how's he doing? What's..." Says, "I'll be back." He didn't want to talk. "I'll be back," he told my mother and my father ??? but he took off, that guy, and we never hear from him again.

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