Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Salvatore and Lili Katan - August 18, 1981

Living in Fear After the War

Did they talk about it?

SK: A little ???

LK: They don't like ???

SK: They no like to bring, they no like to bring--they just kids, they no like to bring up conversations...

LK: ??? I never forgive them ??? said I knew ??? husband together with the ???

SK: ???

LK: ???

SK: ???

LK: ??? yeah, went ??? and we went there and somehow God gave me some special strength that I could ??? okay?

SK: ???

LK: ??? a police man, an officer...

SK: Who, who?

LK: Yeah, ??? you know? ??? ask us information. And the one jury asked us questions not because I remember ??? Auschwitz and they took them to the Krematorium and I talked about it, you know? And then the officer, he said, "Do you think about it a lot?" I said, "Yes officer, maybe you would like if I tell you something but this is the honest truth. ??? but I went to the doctor last week for a check up and I came ??? the same time and I came to ??? and he came to ??? "You are so thin, what happened?" And I said, ??? so I told that officer, I said, "I know ??? when I came to America, I couldn't even speak English, I couldn't understand but I remember being told in America the officers are ??? and they want to help you out if you can."

SK: They fear, they fear the uniforms.

LK: I fear uni...

SK: Uniforms.

LK: ...that is for me a uniform and I see the "SS" and I cannot help it and ??? offended but the end ??? not that I am ???. I am wondering how could--how you could still be a human after going through all that and ??? she called this doctor. At any time we could be--I could be ??? I mean, she's something else. She's absolutely beautiful girl.

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