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Sonia Nothman - January 4, 1983


Sonia Nothman was born in Chmielnik, Poland in 1922. When the war started, Sonia was visiting family in Łódź. She returned to Chmielnik, but due to her Polish language skills, was able to move between Chmielnik and Łódź. In 1941, a ghetto was established in Chmilenik and Sonia, along with her family, was placed in the ghetto. In 1942, Sonia, her brother and one sister were deported to the Skarzysko-Kamienna forced labor camp. In 1944, Sonia was sent to Czenstochow. From there she was sent west into Germany proper where she and her sister were marched to several labor camps (Bergen-Belsen, Berga, Dachau and Allach). They were liberated by the American Army in 1945.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Pre-War Life
  3. Family
  4. Jewish Community in Chmielnik
  5. Religious Life
  6. Chmielnik
  7. Education
  8. Politics
  9. Relations with Non-Jews
  10. Outbreak of War
  11. Return to Chmielnik
  12. Sister in Łódź
  13. Escape from Łódź Ghetto
  14. German Occupation
  15. Deportations
  16. Skarżysko
  17. Skarżysko II
  18. Skarżysko III
  19. Chenstochow
  20. Finds Brother
  21. Bergen-Belsen/Berga
  22. March to Dachau/Allach
  23. Liberation
  24. Chmielnik after German Occupation
  25. Formation of Ghetto
  26. Conditions in Ghetto
  27. Knowledge of Holocaust
  28. Conditions in Skarżysko
  29. Conditions in Skarżysko II
  30. Conditions in Skarżysko III
  31. Conditions in Skarżysko IV
  32. Conditions in Skarżysko V
  33. Evacuation of Skarżysko
  34. Transport to Bergen-Belsen/Berga
  35. Conditions in Bergen-Belsen
  36. Berga
  37. Death March
  38. Death March II
  39. Religious Activities in Camp
  40. Liberation
  41. Allach
  42. Germany
  43. Germany II
  44. Decision to Immigrate to America
  45. Ainring
  46. Immigration to America
  47. America
  48. Anti-Semitism in America
  49. Life in America
  50. Talking about Experience
  51. Reminders
  52. Hopes for Future
  53. Conclusion

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