Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sonia Nothman - January 4, 1983

Relations with Non-Jews

Um, did you ever have any problems with the uh, ??? or the Narod groups--the Polish?

Yeah, before the war. I was uh, once uh, I visited my grandparents in Łódź with my mother and I saw march...people were marching. I don't remember what ???, I don't remember now. That's what they told me later, not to go out. Because the--I just ran out from the gates to see who they are. And this was in Łódź. Oh yeah, in big cities. It was ??? by us too. We have a neighbor and he, he was...Depends, depends which city. He said to a Pole that he is a Polish pig. Yeah. This, I always, I always remember. He told him he had a Polish pig. And he was caught and he was put in jail for a whole year. During the war they let him out. He was a very intelligent. I remember. He married somebody from our town.

Um, what were your plans for the future before the war? Your father wanted you to be a teacher you said?

Yeah, yeah. Religious school.

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