Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sonia Nothman - January 4, 1983

Conditions in Skarżysko II

Next to me was a girl from Skarżysko, she died. They took her out. But from our Barrack B where I was there were Jewish people there they shipped from the, from the camp. And there was a woman, Renna, I remember it now. She came to visit me and I think 'til today--I just told my husband a few months ago. I think our master, the Volksdeutsche sent because she wouldn't go, what did she have. No? She came and she asked me, she told them to give me medication or something. And I survived. And they brought me--I, I remember she came to visit me. And she asked me how I am. This is something. Like an angel would come to you. And ??? with straw. Every minute they took out dead bodies. And I went home with all the girls who worked in this camp took me home. And with ??? I went to work, my sister worked for me. I couldn't work, I couldn't walk, but I have to go. If not, they, they shoot you. If they catch you in barrack, sick. They came lots of times. When they brought me home a few days later, I couldn't even go down from that. And that's...So somebody heard that uh, it's going to be--they're going to come the Germans to see if somebody's sick. So two girls came from the night shift, they slept through the day. They took me out ???. They took me out. Those two girls, one girl is in Toronto and one is ???, two sisters. They took me out. They used to be friends with my brother. Used to come to us. They came and took me out. After they left, the inspection, they took me back. See, there is--I don't know--I say there is a God. I, I believe, strongly! Really. Sometimes if there will be a God, so many people... Listen, people got killed for what? What was a, a child do wrong? But then there are miracles! You see, every minute, you see there are miracles and miracles.

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