Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sonia Nothman - January 4, 1983

Hopes for Future

What are your hopes for your children and your grandchildren's future?

I hope they should never live through ??? I hope, and I hope that they should be good Jews. If I live so long, I'm seventy years old. I have uh, my son-in-law's uh, sister--kid. She's raised very, I mean, high class and everything. The oldest daughter went to Israel. She stayed there for a whole summer. She came back a changed person. ??? all the ??? there never. Something to buy cheap. Now, a changed person. And she doesn't want to go back. Everybody should send their kids to Israel to see how they live. Because I was there, I know. If I wouldn't have my family here, I would be in Israel. No, I would.

Do you think if Israel had existed during World War II...

Of course, of course. It wouldn't--everybody would run away to Israel. Of course, of course.

Were many people in your village uh, trying to send--were many people...

A city, not a village A city--a big city...

Were many people planning on going...

Many went. Of course. I was a few years ago in Israel and I went with a girl school, second grade. She and her sister and her parents went to Israel. They live in Tel Aviv ??? Oh many times. There were a kibbutz in ???.Boys and girls they went. ??? Of course, of course.

Uh, you have three children. And your sisters are living where now?

Are they what?

Living where?

Oh, my, I have one sister here and one brother. And one sister is no longer. And one sister in Ft. Lauderdale, she just moved back. But she lived here too. My other sister too. She moved ??? I'm going to go visit her.

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