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Sonia Nothman - January 4, 1983


Is there anything else you'd like to add that we haven't covered?

Oh, so many things. This w...world we cannot uh, we cannot do nothing but we have to watch out and to be aware. Anything of anti-Semitism if anything not, not to slip anymore. And to believe now. If somebody tell you something, you believe. Not like my father. He, already they told him that gas chambers are burning the Jewish people. He said, no, not true can't be. Not us Jews, we're the chosen people. Chosen to suffer. Oh, I belong, I belong to lots of organizations and we go around. We cannot sleep and that's what I try to project to my kids. That they should know they're Jews because anything happen, everything is the Jew, the Jews' fault. When I'm home I listen here so many things when it happens the war in Israel and ??? Then you can see anti--Semitism. A big...There wasn't one person calling for Jews ??? Not one person. I sometimes listen to Larry King at night. No, you have to be aware. You cannot ignore anything. You have to let yourself down. You have to watch out it shouldn't happen again, because it can happen. It happen at any time. I thought after the war ??? there wouldn't be anti-Semitism, but there is. There is anti-Semitism. I was there. On the train. I have a big family. So it can happen, it can happen here, it can happen anyplace. It's gonna be very bad. I think we should put more people, more people. And of course pay them, because not everybody can afford it to work for nothing. Although sometimes speeches I hear. Like uh, from ADL, Mr. Levinson. Should be more people like him. My daughter used to be, they were away in college. She was ??? my youngest daughter. And it was Christmas time. Everybody put something in. And they put sure that another girl, a Chanukah card. So the kids ??? Boys give ??? you know. They asked what it is. Chanukah. Why don't you put in this? She said, I'm not Christian, I'm Jewish. When they heard this part, what? Some of them from up north. From up north, they don't know. And when they went home for Christmas that my mother told him the war was Jews terrible. And one guy said, "Carol, if I wouldn't know you I would think about it. But I, I know. You're such nice kids, how can it happen?" So she told him,??? What's going on. You have to believe your parents because anti--Semitism is so big. They think every Jew is rich, every Jew has money. Yeah, she told me lots of stories. You wouldn't have this in big city, people from big cities because they know. Now she is helping other people. Christian and wealthy people.

Well, thank you.

Oh you're welcome.

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