Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sonia Nothman - January 4, 1983


And then from Bergen-Belsen you went to...

Berga. In Berga. I was in Bergen-Belsen, Berga, Turkheim and Allach. It's near Dachau. But Bergen-Belsen was the worst. We could run away so easy.

Did many people run away?

No, two.

Just two.

I ???.

Did anybody talk about what was happening or did you, do you remember what you were thinking then, what you...

They told us we're gonna to work in Germany and they give us bread and food and everything. And we believed. And I saw from the field the Germans run away, I saw it. One German lost the ammunition--what did he carry, not a gun. A rifle or something. He couldn't--he was uh, he was uh, I remember the officers said, pick this up. I saw ambulances frozen from Russian Front. They were all taken back. And they cut us off in order to let them through, I saw. We could have run away easy. When the Russian came, the same night they came there. ???. Oh, Bergen-Belsen was dead, a dead camp.

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