Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sonia Nothman - January 4, 1983

March to Dachau/Allach

...march it was like a dead march and so many girls fell, they couldn't walk anymore, they couldn't...We were also, now we saved a piece of bread, we saved this. And we got a cover. We marched towards uh, Dachau--Allach. It was a--it's a--it was a big camp. It was already in April, in April. And my sister, my youngest sister couldn't walk anymore. So I hold her on my shoulder for a time and she could...couldn't move. So a horse and buggy came, and they took the, the sick people. It was already Red Cross. It was already at the end in April. And if I remember, that's why she couldn't walk. We slept on a ditch. The ditch is so big, three times than this house. Very big. And the water was there. And we got a cold. And it was pouring. It's...We slept there all night. We got drenched wet. And when we got up, my sister was already very sick. She couldn't move so. It was a horse and buggy and they took her, and they took her to Dachau to hospital. This was in front of Dachau. So us three walked. And my older sister got sick too. She walked too. But me and my other sister carried her by hand. Finally we came to Allach. And we heard already that's not uh, it's already, the Americans are here already. They knew already it's the end, because they didn't hit us, they didn't shoot us. So I slept on a table because I heard it was all dirty. And my sister went away to the hospital, my older sister. Very sick. And the following day my younger sister went to the hospital. She got typhus. And the shooting was there night and day, night and day. Two days later the Americans came. Two days later.

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