Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sonia Nothman - January 4, 1983

Skarżysko III

And we bought a whole bread, it's better for him and I took potatoes and this. But my brother was a--he's very nice. He's too nice. And I went into the steam to take a shower, otherwise I couldn't go. I cannot--he, he give everything away. So I asked him, "Why do it? I, I brought--we brought you, you should have for whole week." He said, "I cannot stand. I have some new friends here. How can I eat and not give?" So what could I do? Couldn't do nothing. But we still continue. One Sunday I came home. We went Sunday morning and we came home much--hours later it took us. So I said to my sister, "You know what, Nate looks so good." I didn't know he's swo...he was swollen. What did I know? I said, "He looks so good, I don't know what he ate from us to do this." Later on I asked somebody, they told me he's swollen. So we went, I asked my--the master there. We got Polish people working with us too. So I went to him and ask him, "If you can do a favor, feed my brother." I said, "My brother is a good worker. He is, he's a tall guy, not..." He said, he's going to have--talk to our master, to the German. But to him I couldn't talk. I didn't know. Maybe he would scream or what. ??? the camp, and one day he said he's going to bring him here. So, he arranged everything, I don't know. My brother was ???. And one day when I worked there I saw through the window my brother came, they brought him. Over there we could watch and we share with him. It was different, it was different. Otherwise he wouldn't, he wouldn't survive for a minute. And then we were there for three years. And this, 1942 to '44, 1944.

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