Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sonia Nothman - January 4, 1983

Escape from Łódź Ghetto

Mr. Siddur, dark, and at night he took over the party and came back. He knew every corner, every tree, everything. And there weren't maybe fifty people. And to sit on the chairs. It's quiet. And I, I didn't talk always. When I was asked, I talked. Because I was always afraid maybe, maybe, maybe somebody would recognize me. And I heard a lady said, "You know what, she talks, I don't think so she's Polish." Yeah, I heard it. I was supposed to leave uh, in three hours. So I went to him, to the guy and I said he should take me at the first ???. Took me. Then I came home, I had a ???. This was the last time. But I was lots of times. I met a Jew in Łódź before the ghetto and I knew right away she's Jewish. And she wear, she wore a coat. You could see she came from someplace. And there was a German, a gendarme, I don't know, SS. A tall guy, maybe, maybe si...over six feet. And I saw him, I went in and out, the gate was open and I ??? and I told her to go. Uh, she didn't want to go and she said she have to go someplace maybe to collect something and he took her. He took her, I don't know where. I never saw her. Oh so many...So many incidents that...But then I stayed home.

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