Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sonia Nothman - January 4, 1983

Formation of Ghetto

When they formed the ghetto, did you stay in your home or were you sent to another...

No, they took me, they took ???

Before they...

My sister. Later in camp, she told me, she was to the last stand--to the end when they took from the ghetto. And then they took all the Jewish people, what's left of them then, they took them in buggies. They told them they're gonna--horse and buggies, they, and told them they're going to take them to concentration camps. My sister, my uh, my younger sister, my little brother, my mother, my father were there. So my mother start screaming to my sister, my younger sister. She was young, not even eighteen years old. Go down, because people were done, they knew, they heard. And she pushed my sister out from the buggy. She said, "Go hide someplace. Go, because if not you go with us." And somebody even give me regards from and to...This was Lublin, this was Majdanek, I think. But they saw my mother holding my little brother, my sister. This woman was in camp with my sister. And then they killed her too because she was too old. Like my mother couldn't--they wouldn't let them live. This was the last that I heard. And my father run away and they shoot him. That's all I heard. And my younger sister who's here now. She was living with us. So you're talking about the Poles. We had neighbors, they lived with us. And my father begged them take my sister when, when the Germans took everybody out. So she went to our neighbor. And she stayed there in the stable with the, with the cows, with everything. And they didn't let her...One night she went from one stable to the other. They didn't let her. So she went to the HASAG. This was in Kielce, not far from us. So she went with other...There was a Jewish uh, a president perhaps so they took all the people who want to go and they send them there. And they didn't want to keep them. You talk about the Pole.

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