Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sonia Nothman - January 4, 1983

Conditions in Bergen-Belsen

What was the, the sanitation like in Belsen and the food?

What food?

Worse than you...

What food? Bergen-Belsen? No food. They give you--they start giving coffee. In ??? camp, no coffee. Bergen-Belsen was no, nothing, nothing, nothing. You couldn't get a piece of bread for two days, no. There were so many people there every day. It was in January, they took us out, Appell, count straight for two--three hours in the freezing weather. It's good we were young then, you see. So we could take it. All Bergen-Belsen was dead, dead camp, dead. We were there just a month's, that's...

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