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Freda Magnus - July 22, 1982


Freda Magnus was born in March 1917 in Łódź, Poland. When the war began, Freda, along with her family, was sent to Krakow, Poland. After a short time, they were able to return to Łódź, living in the ghetto, where her mother perished. Freda and the rest of her family were transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau and from there she was sent to work in Ravensbrück and Mülhausen. She was liberated in Bergen-Belsen and was sent to Sweden to recover from tuberculosis. Freda lived in Sweden for ten years with her family before moving to the United States.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Family Life
  3. Education
  4. Start of War
  5. Anti-Semitism Before the War
  6. Germans Occupy Łódź
  7. Life Under German Occupation
  8. Escaping Back to Łódź
  9. Family Returns to Łódź Ghetto
  10. Life in the Łódź Ghetto
  11. Mother Gets Taken by Germans
  12. Rescuing Mother
  13. Liberating Father and Brother from Jail
  14. Transport to Auschwitz
  15. Being Sent to Work Camps
  16. Liberation
  17. Life in Concentration Camp
  18. SS Guards
  19. Violence in the Ghetto
  20. Hearing of the Death Camps
  21. Reasons for Survival
  22. Searching for Survivors
  23. Life in Swedish DP Camp
  24. Moving to the United States
  25. First Impressions of the United States
  26. Making a Life in the United States
  27. Thoughts on anti-Semitism Today
  28. Thoughts on anti-Semitism Today II
  29. Life in Swedish DP Camp II
  30. Life as a Survivor
  31. Politics
  32. Conclusion

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