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Freda Magnus - July 22, 1982

Being Sent to Work Camps

But on the way to the working camp they send ??? they send to Ravensbrück. Ravensbrück was the same concentration camp as Auschwitz, you know, it was a prison camp. There was, there was a camp from all other nations ???, you know the ???. How do you call it German--in English? Don't you know those, you know, the, the talk on the future from the hand.

Oh the...


...palm readers, you mean?




Fortune tellers?

Yeah, was um, was um, someone just died the king of from them. You know, they don't have a way where to live...


Gypsies, yes. Gypsies. I have been in the same, same concentration camp with the gypsies, you know. They didn't give us to eat then we have to kill it. They taking out all the time and checking and putting it hanging and finishing that they finish them the uh, so what they did with the Jews. The finish all those gypsies out in Ravensbrück. Then I was fortunate they sent me to Mühlhausen for working. There was already nicer. This was in Germany. It was cleaned, you know, wasn't dirty. It was a working camp but also we had--they, they count us so many times on the ground five or four o'clock in the morning and we walk maybe two, three hours to the place where we were working and they gave us little thing to eat but at least, you know, not so dirty and um, the commander wasn't such a bad man, you know, because he counted us he did but okay, that's is only luck I was few months in this camp. Then from this camp--when they also starting to liberate--the English people and the ??? came out so they took us out from this camp, you know, give us clothes and they send us...

[interruption in interview]

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