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Freda Magnus - July 22, 1982


Uh, describe your education.

We had been uh, I had uh, high school education. And, and high school education there is almost like here college. And um, we all, we all had, had public school finished. Was a lot to go to public school. High school was has to be paid.

Were all your brothers bar mitzvahed?

Oh yeah, sure. Wasn't celebrated parties like here but I remember--matter of fact is I that had an uncle and he made a very well celebrated bar mitzvah. ??? he had a bar mitzvah three days.

Three days?

Yeah, it was. Because one day was people for his business, one day for the children from school--all school, you know, it was Saturday and one was for the family.

He got everybody in, didn't he?

Yeah, it was really--I never forget this bar mitzvah because this was one of a kind in Europe, you know, the Łódź people made it but we had fun ??? let you know for the family only.

What were your plans for the future before the war?

Well for plans, my mother used to tell all the time that I am secured, I will not have to worry because every child that got married my father will give a business. And I was their youngest girl...

You were the youngest?

From the girls, I had a younger brother. And she always told me you don't have to worry about and that's why I wasn't worried about.

Did you think about going to school, going beyond school, or any kind of career at all?

Yeah that's career--the, the career was the business, you know. We have--I help the business all the time, I went to school, I went to college and was start to work and that's all.

What kind of classes did you take at the college?

Oh, we, we took history, you know, math, and this all time and science. But I didn't finish college. I was one year in college.

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