Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Freda Magnus - July 22, 1982

Family Life

Um, what was the size of your family?

We--I had um, five, five children. Three brothers and me and another sister.

How about aunts and uncles?

Oh, I had many. I had maybe eight or ten uncles--aunts and uncles, cousins, a lot. You know what? Very few live. Just living one--just one aunt is living with maybe two children.

Is she in the United States?

Yeah, ???.

You mentioned that your family was religious...


...they used to keep the Sabbath and...

Oh yeah. I especially had a brother, he was ???. Oh, sure. Keep the Shabbos? Everybody kept the Shabbos in, in Łódź. Very few did not but mostly, mostly people kept Shabbos.

And you attended shul regularly?

Oh, sure--my father, my father and my brothers.

Did you have any political affiliations in your family...

Oh, not...


Oh, I was a Zionist, you know. When I was a young child I belonged to Hashomer. It was a Zionist organization and my family was Orthodox, you know. Gerer Hasidim, you know what it was?


That's what.

Did you uh, did you get any newspapers at your house?

Oh yeah. The Togblat always in our house--Jewish papers and I used to see Polish papers and I went to Polish school too.

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