Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Freda Magnus - July 22, 1982

Life as a Survivor

Look I wanted to show you here. Here you have men that came back from, from Vietnam they complained because of Vietnam they're murderers, because of Vietnam they, they drinkers, because of Vietnam they take drugs, you know. We came back from such worse than Vietnam and we built our own life nicely, normally, without killing, prestigious, clean, we built our families, nice people, you understand what I mean?


We all--if we would--we all supposed to be murderers, you understand, after going through things like that, you know. The only thing that you would--from our people we all had been kids. You had kids from about seventeen years old when they had been in concentration camp--I guess about me--but the anger and they all came out and they all married nice people--each other--they all build nice home--you go to the refugees, you don't--you can't--you don't have to be ashamed of them right?


They all nice, they all live a nice honest life, everything after a life what we went through. So we, we could get a Nobel Prize.

I think you're right.

I am right. They should take me on television, I will tell them. See? They make uh, one is a murder they say all because of, because of Vietnam, of, of this and, of that he saw killings or that he went into a room and killed, you know. He had other things in his mind. He has right away in his mind killings, you know. We went out and we--the only thing was to bring up again a Jewish nation, you know. We married to each other, is the right from the wrong one but we didn't go out--maybe a few went out from the religion and married uh, but they brought them all to the Jewish life, you know, and we all kept a nice liv...living and we tried to build up a nice home and everybody from us, everybody--no none from us became a murderer. We all normal people, we all--because our brought up was a good one. See, that's the main thing. If you brought up right it sticks to you all forever. No matter in what situation you are, it always to come out right. This you give at the school, to tell them. That's right. You let...


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