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Freda Magnus - July 22, 1982

Moving to the United States

Did you have family here that would sponsor you?

No, no we came as a DP, yeah.

Let me, let me get one thing straight...

Then I found my cousin here.


In United States--in Detroit.

How did you find him?

They got known for also through Israel, you know. We had a cousin in Israel, another cousin wrote them about their life...

Oh, I see.

Yeah, so we got known from each other. So, when I came to the United States I came to Pittsburgh then I got known my cousin is in Detroit so I came to Detroit to be together.

You brought your whole family over here.

Yeah, they didn't bring me because we came already, you know, by ourselves there.

You say, you say you were in the DP camps for a year and then what? Then you were able to move into an apartment in Sweden...

Oh, yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

...where in Sweden were you?

They have the Malmö.

What, what city?

Malmö. This is the second city--the first city is Stockholm, the second in Malmö, the third is Gothenburg.

So they gave you money to move into the apartment?

Oh yeah, they help. First the thing, you had health--socialized health, socialized doctors and for children you had less rent to pay and not--I start working and my husband work, you know, and we lived, you know, normal, normal life.

How, how long were you living in Sweden?

Ten years.

Ten years, wow.

Yeah, yeah.

And you liked it there and...

Like I told you, life is beautiful there but it's goyish. It's no life, it's like...

Were there any other Jews in the area that you knew about?

Oh yeah, oh yeah, yes, so much friends there. You know, all the people what came from the concentration camp we became friends like here like the Shaarit Haplaytah. So, we had been there, we knew each other, we went to each other, you know. Life was really wasn't bad but it's...

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