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Freda Magnus - July 22, 1982


You were saying ninety percent?

From the--this people that I have been in the camp--in this working camp and ninety percent died because there was--you should excuse me--lice was like this. Lice...


...you know what lice is.

And what camp was this?



And no food and they was hitting us and, and, you know, it was terrible in this camp. The most terrible thing was is we didn't have where to lay--we lay on the floor and it was very dirty, no food, and I, I, I became--I got typhus--got sick. You know, didn't tell the stories when we had to go to, to make to the toilet--shit, excuse me--they had to--you had to go with several people together, not when you wanted and there was a big hole in the middle of the back yard and everybody just sit down with the back--I don't know how kinds of people could do--manage a thing like this. It's unbelievable to understand that how people with right mind--they should be the worst people--how could they do such a thing go and see it and make these people do it? I couldn't even do it to my worst animal. How could they do? And the way we, the way we sit and the way we ate and I, I got typhus and I couldn't already swallow nothing. But I was lucky--two days after I got typhus I almost died--the English people liberated us. And when the English people came they took me as a sick patient to the hospital and that was how I--they liberated me. I survived and I said--I don't--I say I am not going back home. They ask me--if ??? and I wanted to go to Israel but they sent us to Sweden.



Why Sweden?

Because Sweden took people in.

Was this a DP camp you were in?

Yeah, sure, DP camp, yeah.

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