Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Freda Magnus - July 22, 1982


It's the truth. We still forgive forgivable people, we still, you know, try to make nice life with them and be friendly and everything, you know. We still don't--we hate a lot of people--we hate with words more than we hate with our heart because we can't have such a hate in us to do something bad. When I, when I was liberated, you know, a lot of people was ??? those Kapos and started beating them. I couldn't do this, it wasn't it me. You see, that's why the Jewish people are brought up--you better taked them and go your way than pass it on. Like my mother used to always teach my brothers, "If they fight you, you come home. Don't, don't beat back." See? That's the way we were taught and they still--Jewish people will not--I, I, I, I, you know, I can't even imagine why those Jewish people fight so much because it's no other way and when it's no other way than you are strong, you see? They can't pick another way. They have to fight. And, and, and the American people should better know that if we will not have another--or not alternative, you know, everything will go in fire and I am fired. You understand what I talk about? Because when you people--when they don't have another way--see if they will let them live in quiet nice--they don't wanted more, more ground. They don't need it--they need it, you know, but that's not theirs--they just wanted to make a nice quiet living for themselves. They ??? let them have but they wanted them to fight and then to give back--to give our lives and then to give back. What kind wanted this? Did England give back when they fight? If they would let us live, we wouldn't fight, we wouldn't fight because we wanted--we had enough fighting. We wanted quiet, prestigious, nice life, not fighting and when we will have to fight--if there will be no--I say--I, I, I am afraid that the first bomb shouldn't fall from Israel. Really, that's true. If they, they would, you know, they like, you know, we like to come and live quietly but if--how long can you give so young, young little boys away? How long can you do it? You see people that they don't feel bad, "Ah, it's war, it's war," but every little boy what going from us, it's, it's life.

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