Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Freda Magnus - July 22, 1982

Life in Swedish DP Camp II

Just, just describe really quick what, what the life was like in the DP camp in Sweden.

It was nice in the DP camp. Everything there was clean, they give us enough to eat, they give us like people, we had doctors, you know, they took care of us. They brought us clothing, everything, they were very nice, they had been very good to us.

What kind of housing facilities did you have?

From beginning was not so good but later I came to a big house.

Did they have a--in the camps themselves did they have tents...

No, no, no...

...or barracks?

...it was--no. Was like, like schools with rooms.

I see, I see.

Yeah, it wasn't barracks. Was nice, they were very clean people--clean, quiet--very clean people.

In dormitories where you had many people in one big room?

Yeah, yeah.

Did you eat in one...

One big room, right, right.

How'd you meet your husband?

Oh, in Sweden at camp. And um, he came, he came--he met his niece there. I was in a woman's camp and he was in the men camp but we passed by, you know, in a line, he noticed her and that's it.


Yeah, and then he applied to be with the cousin, you know, to get with the niece together. She was the only survivor from his family so he let him be--so he was one man with this many woman from the beginning but when they came and then, you know. Yeah, we made a life our self, we made a life our self after so many things what we went through.

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