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Freda Magnus - July 22, 1982

Thoughts on anti-Semitism Today II

And people are against it, they only anti-Semitism, that's all. When I was--and beside that, how can come here United States and see a speech--I can't understand--but when they--when this uh, on, on television on discussion how come not one can come up and say, "I hate Begin." Why is, is--why is this everything up because of hate? Even if you don't like, you don't like his politics you can't say you don't like him, right? You can just say you hate--you don't like his politics. He is right, he is wrong but how can you say you hate him? For what?

Well, maybe they just mean that they don't like his politics, I don't...

Okay, that's what I say but you don't come--if he comes out and he says he doesn't--he hates him then comes out millions of them and they say they hate him without knowing. You see, he shouldn't--he didn't have the right to say he hates him. I think that somebody should be able to shoot somebody when you say about nothing--let him come out and say he hates me, for what? Or tell him I don't like him, why? Why? But that's the way, that's the way it is, you know. We live in a goyish world and that's all. We'll never be good because people hate each other not matter if they Jews or Gentile--everybody needs to have a, a scapegoat, how they say? First they, first they had the colored people, then, then they had Jews, then the colored hated Jews, you know, one has have to--who can the colored hate? Can't hate the bigger one, he hate the lower ones. Why the colored hate the Jews? Who gave them so much good then the Jews? If not the Jews they wouldn't be able to do this what they doing now. Who pushed them up? That's how that goes. Hate. People are people. They think, they think so many, many things advertisement and good for every animal animals but nobody thinks--when they think together, you know, for children, you know, the nations, why should they have to say Christian children? Even they not say the sake of children, you understand?


What's the difference between a Christian child and a Jewish child? A child is a child. But when they say Christian children they get more of the donations.

That's why they do it.

That's what I say.

In Sweden did you run into any anti-Semitism?

They had anti-Semitism, too. When, when, when came out, you know, that I am a Jew--oh, it was very seldom but in the factory I remember my husband used to tell one time they used to say, you behave like Jew--behave like uh, these bad Jew, you know, dirty Jew, something like this. Because you know, ??? that's all.

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