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Eva Ackermann - December 6, 1982


Eva Ackermann was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1926. Although an only child, Eva was part of a large extended family, most of whom perished in the war. Eva's parents divorced when she was young and she was raised by her mother. Eva had a reasonably normal childhood, even after the war began. After the German annexation of Hungary in 1944, Eva was separated from her mother and sent to Zurndorf, Austria. From there she was transported to a labor camp in Landsberg, where she was liberated. Her father perished in an air raid shortly before the end of the war and her mother died in Bergen-Belsen.

  1. Introduction
  2. Life Before the War
  3. Religious Life
  4. Life Under the Regime
  5. Life of Father
  6. Anti-Semitism
  7. Germans Invade Hungary
  8. Life During Occupation
  9. Thoughts on the Arrow Cross Party
  10. Thoughts on Mother
  11. Rationing
  12. Life Under Occupation
  13. Being Forced to Leave Budapest
  14. Being Forced to Leave Budapest II
  15. Conditions on March
  16. Conditions on March II
  17. Fate of Parents
  18. Fate of Parents II
  19. Fate of Parents III
  20. Feelings about Experience
  21. Feelings about Experience II
  22. Reasons for Survival
  23. Feeling Guilt
  24. Being Transported
  25. Being Transported II
  26. Arrival at Concentration Camp
  27. Life in the Concentration Camps
  28. Work in Concentration Camp
  29. Work in Concentration Camp II
  30. Punishments in Camp
  31. Punishments in Camp II
  32. Punishments in Camp III
  33. Prosecuting a Kapo After the War
  34. Annihilation in Landsberg
  35. Annihilation in Landsberg II
  36. How Experience Effects Life Today
  37. How Experience Effects Life Today II
  38. Sharing Story
  39. Sharing Story II
  40. Memories
  41. Memories II
  42. Nightmares
  43. Thoughts on Her Children
  44. Thoughts on Her Children II
  45. Conclusion

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