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Eva Ackermann - December 6, 1982

Annihilation in Landsberg II

What they did uh, what--annihilation once a month--I don't know which camp because Landsberg was consisted, had uh, uh, consisted of a few numbers I know of Lager 1 and I was uh, uh, in 11. There was a Lager 7 where we went to uh, to delousing, I suppose they called it and bathing um, once maybe every two weeks. And uh, that too uh, the degradation of the whole uh, the whole procedure uh, how everybody had to get undressed and the SS came in uh, walked around between the women and uh, uh, you know, that day and age it was not--you didn't see it on the movies. I suppose now it wouldn't be so shocking but at that time it was uh, we got use to that too. We found ourselves standing there and talking to uh, the, the crew. So I guess you get used to everything uh, but that, that sight is, is just uh, I cannot erase it uh, and it's uh, it was just a terrible--that was a terrible sight to see and to live with, uh. And I think they were more kind in uh, Auschwitz. If they wanted uh, if they wanted to kill off the Jewish people it was more kind to give a bar of soap and be finished off than to uh, to be humiliated, to be tortured physically and uh, to stripped of every uh, everything uh, that you had. Can you stop so that I....

[interruption in interview]

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