Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Ackermann - December 6, 1982

Punishments in Camp III


No. We were--everybody was examined and uh, at that time, that time they, they found out that I was telling the tru....you know, it's--I can't believe it and I uh, I don't very seldom do I, I like to block this whole uh, because it's almost unbelievable. I like to--I really would like to block it out. Uh, what happened was after that when we were standing on Zählappell uh, the Oberscharf ührer said, well I was standing on the side somehow she said--he said um, "Da steht die einzige Jungfrau", the only, the one, the only one. Uh, at that point uh, I don't--I really don't remember when they took off that uh, can you, can you believe, can you believe the mind that dreamed up something like this for punishment? To, uh....

Then they shaved the rest of it off?

They shaved the rest of it off. There was by then I don't remember uh, I think I just had the rest of it until I was on display. I was made an example of what can happen if someone uh, gets out of line.

What happened to the Frenchman?

He felt very bad about it. There was nothing uh, there was no....

No punishment?

No, there was no punishment for him and uh, very sadly uh, uh, for--it was very sad who did it but uh, after the war I did prosecute. Curiously enough. See uh, I don't know whatever happened to him, I did prosecute that Jew who did that to me.

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