Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Ackermann - December 6, 1982

How Experience Effects Life Today

....the doctor when I, you know he knows I have palpitations, I--unusual, there is nothing wrong with my heart, I just uh, uh, I have--I can have 130 uh, heart beat and the slightest uh, not even provocation, you don't have provoke me. But if I just--a thought will bring it out and he's very compassionate because he went through the war and uh, I am on Valium as needed uh, which I don't abuse because I really and truly wanted to work when I really needed. And I don't want to be out of it, I want uh, I want to know what's going around me and uh, it's uh, just temporary anyway. But he's very compassionate and he deals with me and he always mentions uh, that he knows what the humiliation is and it's really not that--that's not what stayed with me. That's not what the--that's, that's not where the damage is in me. I don't every think about the humiliation part of it because, first of all, what's a little humiliation compared to six million people that uh, were killed? So that didn't--that never comes up. I don't know why he mentions it.

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