Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Ackermann - December 6, 1982

Being Transported II

Did anyone die in the car?

I, I, I don't--I can't recall, but we were all young, so uh, we were quite durable. It was--this, this transport was young people, so it was, it, it was--I can't remember that, I don't remember that. That was more uh, from the Provinces where others, every uh, all kinds of people were all dead where I were, were not able to take--when you are young you are able to take a whole lot. And uh, what I found in the concentration camp that women took it much better than the men did. The young men just crumbled and uh, women were much--were able to cope with uh, with the elements, with everything you, that they were able to cope much better because we saw within about--excuse me--two weeks uh, that there were men who were brought in, not with us, from other places, I don't know from where, speaking Hungarian, from labor camps I suppose and they came in quite well dressed yet and uh, walking erect and in a very short time uh, hardly recognizable.

Where, where did the train go?

Uh, the train stopped uh, I was in Landsberg, in Lager 11, there were uh, it just stopped in the middle of nowhere.

So you were taken to a labor camp?

In a labor--concentration camp, barbed wired, uh...

Now what...

...with two barbed wires.

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