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Eva Ackermann - December 6, 1982

Thoughts on Her Children II

One is in Los Angeles?

One is in Los Angeles, yeah. He is a lawyer and he has worked very hard and picked himself up and uh, is on his own. And uh, they are both on their own and uh, I miss them terribly. And uh, there again, I think I uh, miss them more than uh, the usua....I never held them back. That, that's one credit uh, one plus on my side maybe. Maybe I wanted to make up for uh, all the times that I was impatient or uh, more demanding of them.

You have hopes for them?

I have hopes them that they'll uh, be productive and they'll be hap....I just want them to be happy because I feel--I want them to find uh, uh, I want them to find someone to be happy with because uh, with my husband--I found my husband and if it wasn't for him, his sense of humor. He went through a whole lot and yet uh, he is the one who uh, who really um, kept me uh, uh kept my sanity a lot of times when I could have just let go. Would have been more comfortable to just let--I'm not a fighter, I really am not. I uh, I wasn't in the camp either. I, I just somehow survived for uh, like I said before, I don't know for what reason, maybe these two very, very nice boys. But that's not my opinion. Ask anybody who knows them and uh, everybody knows them and likes them. Nice, nice people they are.

Let me ask you one more thing. I'm gonna turn the tape over first.

[interruption in interview]

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