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Eva Ackermann - December 6, 1982

Sharing Story II

So you, you have talked about to your husband and other people?

Another disappointment that it was for me when I came out to the United States that really nobody was interested. I mean, uh, somehow we thought that uh, in some ways, I'm very compassionate with Vietnam veterans because somehow um, they are two different things really. But uh, I don't--I, I really want--I don't know how to put a parallel but there is one.

No one listens to them either.

Exactly. It got to a point that uh, when someone would ask--when I saw the ignorance about uh, what happened to us, it didn't take long. You know you don't have to be hit over the head, to be able to judge. It's not that your story is not that interesting. Maybe that's why I, I didn't mind telling you because uh, this is the first real opportunity other than Dr. Krystal who had a different uh, motive for me to tell my story. But uh, no one really was interested and no one was really interested and uh, about me that is. And uh, I took out the little article where the Vietnam veteran said and he said that he was uh, once somewhere--not once, many times and he starts to cry and he doesn't know why. That happens to me too. Uh, I almost know why but, it says a lot where it shouldn't. I could cry. I, I mean I cry and I really shouldn't. Normal people don't cry over little things. I mean I am rational enough to know that this happenings doesn't warrant crying but it's just involuntary. So....

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