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Hugo Marom - February 8, 2008


Hugo Marom was born in Brno, Czechoslovakia to a family of five. When the war broke out, his parents contacted the Kindertransport and Nicholas Winton and arranged for Hugo and his brother to escape to England. Upon arriving in London, Hugo and his brother failed to be picked up by their foster family and instead found shelter in a refugee school. During the German bombings of London in 1940, the two brothers were sent to Bedford to live with the rest of the English evacuees. When the war was over, Hugo returned to Czechoslovakia and attended university in Brno. He then moved to Israel where he fought in the 1948 War of Independence.

  1. Introduction
  2. Family
  3. Family II
  4. Family III
  5. Politics
  6. School Life
  7. Childhood Before the War
  8. Religious Life
  9. Story of Wife's Survival
  10. Father's Occupation
  11. Being Sent to England on Kindertransport
  12. Arriving in London
  13. Arriving in London II
  14. Non-Jewish Friends
  15. Assistance from Non-Jewish Friends
  16. Assistance from Non-Jewish Friends II
  17. Adopting a Catholic Brother
  18. Germans Take Catholic Brother
  19. Parents Make Decision to Send Children Away
  20. Feelings on Being Sent to England
  21. Feelings on Being Sent to England II
  22. Feelings on Being Sent to England III
  23. Finding a Hostel in London
  24. Life at Refugee Hostel
  25. Being Evacuated to Bedford
  26. Life in Bedford
  27. Life in Bedford II
  28. Education
  29. Finding Family in London
  30. Life in London
  31. Meeting Another Jew in Bedford
  32. Jewish Families in England
  33. Religious Life in England
  34. Life in Bedford III
  35. Life in Bedford IV
  36. How War Experience Affects Present
  37. Fate of Parents
  38. Reaction to Parent's Death
  39. Conclusion

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