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Hugo Marom - February 8, 2008

Family III

So, I am...my brother went and getting back to the sportsman thing of it, he became the ping pong champion of Chicago and uh, joined the Air Force, spent the whole war in Korea flying on B-29s as a radar gunner and operator and uh, following...coming back he got the GI plan and did electronic engineering and spent the rest of his life in um, both in Douglas flight test and then at ??? on inertial navigation systems and so on. Now, he's a natural sportsman. He was behind...in the 50s...behind establishing female soccer in the United States and played soccer 'til, I don't know...'til he was eighty something years old. And he's unfortunately suffering from Parkinson's at the present moment so it's very, very uh, depressing for him, you know, for somebody who's so active to have an active mind and not being able to control his body movements. So, getting back to Brno...to your question...I was at my mother's skirt side most of the time for two reasons. Number one, she always took me in the skiing trips when she took a group of thirty or forty people to the Alps. They used to go skiing at the Austrian Alps, which is about two hours away by car from, from Brno. Um, to the point that I spent a lot of time in the kitchen watching her cooking and uh, it became sort of a second hobby of mine trying to copy all my life my mother's cooking. So, these memories are very, very clear to me to the extent that I remember what she put into the various things she cooked and she was a very cook. Apart from that I was relatively a good student. I, I took French classes in addition to my sec... my primary scho...my elementary school.

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