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Hugo Marom - February 8, 2008

Feelings on Being Sent to England III

They've sent the children to London; they don't know where they are. They think that they know but they're receiving letters or not yet receiving even letters...they're already receiving information about London being bombed whereas they're not carrying the Star of David yet, there's no food shortage yet, there is no prevention of Jews going to parks and all this has not started yet and they've sent their children to be bombed in London. In my opinion, can you just imagine...I assume that you have children...what sort of...what you went through? Must've gone crazy from all these news, not being able to call, no telephones, there's no contact whatsoever. A letter takes between two weeks to three weeks to go from one end to the other. So, this is the first time and the second time is when they went personally through whatever they went through during the period of the occupation 'til 1942 when they went to Terezín and the time that uh, what...whatever...and I don't know to this day exactly how and where and so forth, only court assumptions where both parents...and my grandmother was taken away at the same time because the apartment was cleared...whoever lived at that apartment went to this transport to Terezín.

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