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Hugo Marom - February 8, 2008

Fate of Parents

And uh, and finally, you spoke about non-Jewish friends. I am sorry to this day that I did not investigate and, and put questions to these friends who lived after the war who knew my parents better than we did about them, about their character and so forth, about what their aspirations were and how they saw this...they were with them for nearly two years after we left so, I'm sorry to this day that I didn't ask the right questions at that time.

And how did you find out about your parents?

Very easily. We used to go to the railway station as everybody else did when returnees from concentration camps were coming back. At a number of places there were lists, which carried...in courts and at the Jewish community, which showed people who had returned. There were also lists which gave the names of my parents and said, "Please," especially in the courts, "anybody who saw this person please put his name and address here and where he saw him last." So based on that information when a number of people reported they saw our mother there and our father there, our grandmother there...based on that, the courts in Czechoslovakia pronoun...pronounced...put out a certificate pronouncing that it is assumed Mr. Peter Meisl died on such and such a date in such and such a place...the same with my mother.


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