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Hugo Marom - February 8, 2008

Finding a Hostel in London

What a small world, huh? What a small world. And I just now spoke to Moshe Talmor who is the, who is the manager of Sde Dov Airport. He came back this morning from Guatemala and Cuba. They were there a month.

They were there for how long?

One month.


Most probably in the same hotels and so on.

Um, the last time we spoke we had talked about a taxi driver who had took you to his home. What happened after that?

The uh, um, I don't know whether I went into the details. We...the five of us slept in his apartment for three nights I believe...two or three nights. You know, some of us who participated in the same, same moments in life and many years later we sit down and we discuss those moments we get two different stories. So, Willie ???, Aaron ??? the judge...who you were supposed to interview him day before yesterday or yesterday...he was with us. He's one of the...there were three ??? boys, two of them...one of them died fighting in Jerusalem in the War of Independence and the other one was a very prominent...became a very prominent lawyer in Chicago and he died in Chicago. So, Willie, who's the middle one, is still alive and like I said he would most probably...if you were to ask him the same question would tell us that perhaps we only spent one night or three nights or four nights...anyhow, I remember three nights and finally we somehow apparently after that uh, I don't know whether we...I mentioned the fact that we went to this East End orphanage and they wouldn't accept us. Most probably it was the one we were supposed to go and I think he became wise at that particular...at that instant what actually was the problem because the Jewish orphanages or hostels or whatever wouldn't accept us in the East End because they were too Orthodox. So he took us to a hostel in North London in Cricklewood at 71 Shoot Up Hill, which is part of Edgware Road running out of London, one of the longest roads...to a hostel which was...which comprised of the Kinder from Germany...

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