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Hugo Marom - February 8, 2008

Reaction to Parent's Death

Do you remember your reaction when you finally realized that they had been killed?

Eh, to tell you the truth, I never believed it. I kept on going to see all these throngs of returnees, every picture that was posted of concentration camps...which was a daily thing...of bodies laying, of groups of people marching and going into trains. To this very day...my mother was a very strong character and I could not and I could not accept the fact that she didn't survive. She was so strong and the fact that she led this kitchen in this Russian...I don't know whether I mentioned it...in this Russian prisoner of war camp. I couldn't imagine and uh, only recently I wrote to the people...to the town where this prisoner of war camp was and asked if this particular family on whose grounds this camp was, was located and...in fact, I, I corresponded in Polish through a friend of mine with a historian who speaks of what happened at that time but nobody is alive anymore and I left it too late because there were children there who would've, who would've been my age and so forth.

What was the camp?

I beg your pardon?

What was the camp?

My father, according to uh, according to Red Cross documents, was killed in Majdanek and another record, which comes from people who saw him last was in a camp called ???, which is all in the Aus...Auschwitz area...in that area. Q:???

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