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Hugo Marom - February 8, 2008

Feelings on Being Sent to England II

Um, the question?

Uh, at what point and how did you react?

Oh yes, no...what did we feel about it. So as many others have said my parents wanted this to become...wanted us to consider two things: one, that this was a temporary solution, B. that they would join us if it was necessary, C. they made sure it was an adventure. And I'll tell you that much that my mother did not...although I have tickets...actually I have tickets that my father bought for both of us, himself and my mother. And my mother's ticket was not used because my mother came to the station in Brno before we went to Prague...I'm speaking about the trip from Brno to Prague which was four hours by train or something like that at that time...in order not to make us feel like this is some sort of uh, parting...permanent parting or something of that kind...

So there were no tears?

There were no tears that I saw. There were no tears, there were no tears, there were no tears that I remember and uh, and I think that it was a matter of brainwashing us. And as I mentioned I am in the process of trying to arrange a monument to be set up to the parents in Prague at the Wilson Station or the Masaryk Station or both and I proposed it and the Czech foreign minister has accepted the idea and they've spoken to the railway...the national railway thing and I'm supposed to be speaking to the ambassador Žantovský here to find out exactly how to push on and I've suggested because my daughter Evie is a sculptress. She teaches sculpture and has been art all her life that one of...that she prepare a uh, a sculpture to be put up at the station. Now said...I said there were two reasons why I think they were the heroes, the second reason is they went through the Holocaust twice. The word Holocaust isn't the right word in my opinion...genocide...but Holocaust maybe describes better what I am...went through this suffering twice. Once, they sent their children to London and Mr. Goebbels who was Minister of Information for Hitler...as one can hear by recordings from practically October 1939 when the first bombing raids started on London everyday comes on the radio in German...which is heard by everybody who spoke German...and tells the people that they're bombing London and killing so many thousand women and children to convince the British to stop fighting against the Germans.

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