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Hugo Marom - February 8, 2008

Life in Bedford II

Why say that is? Because only at Christmas...just before Christmas we visited... for the first time I took Martha to Bedford. And we went...we decided we would look for the Chancellor's so we knocked on the door number 4 or 6...I wasn't sure of the number at the time. And uh, on the...in the third house a lady opened the door and she was young...about 50...and she said, "Of course, I've only been here five years so I wouldn't know the name at all." And at that point the door-to-door thing...the buildings were...maybe the buildings are wide...four or five yards wide and that's the width and there's a door and window, that's all. So, door to door then window, window, door to door. A lady opens the door and uh, she says, "Is there perhaps something I can do for you." So I said...well she seemed older, so I said, "We're looking for the, for the Chancellors." So she says, "Well, you're very lucky. Unfortunately, except for Sheila..." which then sort of I remembered the name, "no one is alive anymore and Sheila...who lives at number 13...I am looking after her cats. She is away for the weekend." So, I left my card and Sheila Chancellor rang me up a week later after we arrived here and we decided we would exchange letters. What happened the first thing she asked me on the telephone, "How is Rudy? Where is he? The last time he wrote to me from the war in Korea where he was flying." In the mean time I wrote her a letter what happened to our family and she also she wrote to me quite a nice long letter. So, we were there for not very long because five children in one room was very difficult on the Chancellors and rather than send Rudy away, I saw that Rudy got on very well with both girls and the boy there so there would be two boys and two girls in this room, one on top of another...I think they had, you know, these double beds...two story beds...and I left for another home and I don't remember at the moment...what I can tell you is the next morning after we...when we got up they took us to Goldington Road School which was an elementary school practically at the end of the street going the other direction. The street is about, I would say, a half a mile long and each house is identical on both sides.

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