Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Hugo Marom - February 8, 2008


And uh, and my father and mother were at loggerheads uh, locked their heads in the question of Hitler and Mein Kampf. My mother who read Mein Kampf before my father did, believed every word Hitler said he would do. My father who was...by 1968 when President Dubček who during the Spring of Prague...if you remember when the Russians came back in...he had been given permission for a book to be printed that was called A Thousand Years of Jews in Bohemia and I received a copy in 1968 when it was published here in Israel...a friend of mine who was a professor at the university sent it to me...and it was addressed to the last of the Meislcans instead of Mohicans he wrote that. So in this, in this atmosphere um, I was brought up in a very nationalistic way. We went to Czech school which was on the square which was called the Square of the 28th of October 1918 which was the independence of Czechoslovakia from the Hapsburgs after many, many years of being um, I don't what you would call it...a part of the empire and, um...

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