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Hugo Marom - February 8, 2008

Being Sent to England on Kindertransport

And the first attempt as you will hear from Aaron ??? his father Willie ??? Aaron ???. Willie was originally one of three brothers. His father was very active in the Zionist movement. This whole ??? family will tell you all about it, were very active in Brno and Bratislava and so forth. Uh, his mother also came from Vienna, she was a very good friend of mine, they went to school together. Uh, uh, he had a friend in London by the name of Rabbi Rabinowitz who evenutally became a quite a high standing rabbi in England who he wrote to and asked and asked to take his...there were three brothers to...arranged for them to go to England and he did this, he had made these arrangements. And then he gave my father the address and my father wrote to this Rabbi Rabinowitz and he wrote back that he had arranged for us to be in an Orthodox hostel in London. But uh, just for an interesting record this Rabbi Rabinowitz writes back to my father saying, "I do request you not to give my name, more or less, to anybody else...to any Jews in Brno because I don't want all the Jews in Brno turning onto me to find them to accomodations." I haven't published this thing because its uh, it lines up with another problem which, which occurred with Nicholas Winton, that most of the places he found were not Jewish families...although there were Jewish families in England who could've easily and very easily taken Jewish children and uh, so, um, again it's very difficult for me to tell you what I remember from pre-war Czechoslovakia for another very interesting reason: we came back.

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