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Helen Jutkevicz - November 10, 1982


Helen Jutkevicz was born in Łódź, Poland to a family of eight. When the war broke out, she and her family were forced to move into the Łódź Ghetto. While living the in the ghetto, Helen's father and one of her brothers died. Helen worked at a straw factory until she and the rest of her family were transported to Auschwitz. Upon arrival at Auschwitz she and her sister were separated from their mother and sent to Bremen to work. After Bremen, the two sisters were transported to Bergen-Belsen where Helen contracted typhus. Upon liberation, the sisters traveled from Bergen-Belsen to Gauting to find their brother who had survived the war but had tuberculosis. Helen stayed in the Feldafing DP Camp where she met her husband and eventually moved to Detroit.

  1. Introduction
  2. Family Life Before the War
  3. Religious Life
  4. Start of the War
  5. Life in the Ghetto
  6. Work in the Ghetto
  7. Work in the Ghetto II
  8. The Judenrat
  9. Transport to Auschwitz
  10. Life in the Ghetto II
  11. Transport to Auschwitz II
  12. First Impression of Camp
  13. Transport to Bremen
  14. Life in Bremen
  15. Life in Bergen-Belsen
  16. Hearing Word of Family
  17. Finding Brother
  18. Life After the War
  19. Thoughts of Returning Home
  20. Sharing Experience
  21. Conclusion

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