Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Helen Jutkevicz - November 10, 1982

The Judenrat

We know about the Judenrat within the ghetto, did you have or do you recall you any personal experiences with the members of...

No, but this--sometime I see them go in the ghetto and make with the butt kicking, they was shouting down the people, they was hitting people too, but it was safe to say they give us--when they bring to eat potatoes or something, something was--nobody--the swine not can take this and he let this in to give us. Then he was--he before the war he was a very big philanthropic for children. He has a special--how is to say--a sierociniec--a house special, eh, an orphanage and he was a very good man for the children and by the Nazis when is came the time was took a special place in the ghetto for something like that for children and came time he give up the children.

You keep saying he, does he have a name?


Do you have any other personal experiences yourself with uh, Chaim Rumkowski or any of the other Judenrat leaders?

No, I not--I will tell you I start to work and I worked my place and the best thing was, you know, to go there I--is was I became something a little more. A little sometime a little bread there or something. Is was okay.

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