Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Helen Jutkevicz - November 10, 1982

First Impression of Camp

What was your first impression of the, the camp itself?

No what one impression, I impression was first, I had very long hairs and then the first impression they took away the hair. You know how this was. Then we not know nothing about it and I say, "Look, why you did--took off my hair? I been--I not have lice, I not have nothing. My hair is clean. Why you took off?" "Don't talk." He cut up my head like that, then he took to a bath, took everything away because he was afraid you have something keep on you, you know? They gave us a bed, and then after the bed he--a woman from six feet or something they give a dress like I--for me. And me they give a dress like and this was--and then start to be we sleep eight, ten people on one perch and we had to stay up in four or five o'clock and we seat on the ground. It's very cold and early in the morning and then they give us one uh, what to say? One dish for six people to eat and this was for all day and then we was listening this, "Go transport," you know? "Take the people to work." So they took us, and take off nasty clothes and they look us if we been ok, you know, be you not have something on your body, you know? And when we go naked, we go naked, we go to parade for again and then they give us clothes and we wait to bathe and we go transport and I went to Bremen.



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