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Helen Jutkevicz - November 10, 1982

Finding Brother

Let's just backtrack for just a moment. Um, you said you had become sick with typhus...


...how long did you stay in Bergen-Belsen before you decided to leave?

To go home? I don't know, I don't know.


Oh, no, no. Weeks. Weeks?


Yeah. Weeks we have to feel--they don't let you out when you not was ok, you know? When they--then when we went up the typhus, you know, you been very weak, you lose so much weight. And when we just was listening--I not remember this--we just was listening to my brother he is--we went and we have terrible, terrible way --til we came to him.

You went with a sister?

My sister, yeah. And we came to Straberg I don't know where this was--Feldafing. This was went maybe a week --til we came sometimes and then that was train going and we--they get by the soldiers to take up--the first time the soldiers take me when there was the peace, there was the peace and they took us. Then we came in a place then we went with the--with somebody and with a young girl what knows her father lives in Feldafing and she was thinking her husband live Feldafing and we--four people we went. And then we came to Feldafing and we was--this my brothers not in Feldafing, he was in Gauting. And when to Gauting and they don't let us in. And it was so terrible and then we know another place and we go in--or I been from so away to come see my brother and the MP start to shoot and I say, "I don't--I have to go in," and he was very sick, he was very sick. Oh, we was the first two woman to see--and this was--the Gauting was just for mens this was and we men see just first two womans--Polish woman, so you can imagine what this was and they ask me this name, this name, who knows, you can't something like that. He was just so bad, my brother, and he went to Heidelberg--he passed away in Heidelberg and he lived because he wanted to be buried in München.

That was shortly after he was...

[interruption in interview]

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