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Helen Jutkevicz - November 10, 1982

Life in Bremen

What were the conditions like in the camp that you say you were staying?

In the camp not was bad, not was, not was bad....

What about the...

In our camp to--in the place we was living they not be the woman--mostly if you have the woman but the--how is to say? They look nasty, be with us by work, you know? This is the ??? off...officers...


...officers, you know? They not came in that--in this place where we were staying, we have a special ??? lager been the other side the--you know?


So, not special, we not have all this. We, we not can--I by myself not can say this I have very hard in, in this place ???, you know?

You had enough to eat?

I--is not enough to eat like when you was working outside, you know? We was working outside in the street, when some German, you know, they know we was working very hard, this was cold. She went--she came and pick you up some bread, she can give you something, she--we have a place we was working in a hospital. They bombed the hospital and it was very much bad and everything, you know, and we have to clean up. And ??? from Prague they give us, oh a big something with soup, you know? And they give us a little soup everyday, you know, this was ok. When you got out in five o'clock or four o'clock in the morning in the year to work, this was cold and they know--I don't know how they was making in the hospitals, you know? Just taking us how long we was working in the hospital was okay.

There were local German people then that helped...

Yes, yeah, yeah. You would not believe sometimes how the people was--help.

And these were the people of Bremen?

Bremen, yeah. And then the first of April he has to give up and we went to Bergen-Belsen.

You left that camp that you were in and you went to Bergen-Belsen?

He have to, he have to give us. Why, he have to do months with months to keep up ??? they say, "We have this thing, we have this to do and we not have nothing to work." He was a very, very good man too. Hope ??? from this ???. He was a very nice--a gentleman, too.

Do you remember his name?


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